Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas 2011

A week before Christmas we had the Walker Christmas Party at my aunt and uncles church in North Salt Lake. Everyone brought there favorite appetizers and we had that for dinner. We also had a candy table with popcorn, candy, and yummy hot chocolate.

We had a movie night and watched Tangled, such a cute movie.

Christmas Eve
We went over to my Grandma J's house that evening and after went to my parents to spend time together and read about the reason for Christmas.

Santa showed up for a minute.
That evening we opened up our one gifts to eachother which is always Pajamas!

Figuring out our self timer was hilarious, I think this was the 10th picture we took that was center.

Christmas Morning
Santa came! Usually Christmas morning we both wake up and say "Merry Christmas"! Well this year I hear "Megan..wake up! Do you know where my pajama bottoms are!?". I opened my eyes and his pajama pants were off HAHA. He had and still has no idea or does he remember taking off his pajama pants in the night. Have you ever gotten hot in the night and taken off some pajamas in the night? I have. I think he did but doesn't remember.

My christmas presents. My favorite gift was a certificate to get a Iphone, it came with a Iphone cover. I look forward to finally having one.

Billy got lots of clothes, he was in need of them badly!
We got dressed and headed up to Ogden and went to church at my brothers ward.

My cute parents ready to make us yummy scones and omletes.

Christmas Evening
We had dinner at my parents house and opened presents with eachother.

Around 8:30pm we headed over to my grandparents and traded presents and my aunts, uncles and cousins were there playing games.

It was great having Christmas on Sunday. I loved getting into the spirit in the morning and taking the sacraments. It was such a great Christmas and sad to think it is already over. Every year I say its the best but every year it gets better for some reason.
I love my family and most importantly I love my husband.


Shaylynn;) said...

Merry Christmas:)

The Miller's said...

Yeah an iPhone! I <3 mine!