Sunday, April 1, 2012

March Updates

My friend Laura had baby shower in March and I am so super excited for her. She is having a girl and will be having her in April. She is going to be a great mom.

At work the Director asked me to get a Suite at the Jazz game so I got the suite between us and the Pistons. Great game because we won! The Suite was so nice and the food was yum! I did get lost trying to find the suite and it took about 20-30 minutse to find it (ushers kept telling us the wrong way).

Doesn't Billy look cute with one of my extentions in his hair? HAHA

Hunger Games Girls Night. Had a blast going to dinner and seeing Hunger Games with the ladies. We had a great time laughing and laughing at the girls next to us in the theatre that screamed so loud throughout the whole movie. I jumped so hard when they screamed at a scary points. Oh geezzz. Best part was after the movie the girls said to us "Didn't you guys just scream so loud at those scary parts". HAHA..

For St. Patty's day we had dinner over at my parents and had a green breakfast, it was yum. We had green waffles, green milk, and green breakfast casserole.

This weekend is General Conference and it is great, as always. I am so grateful for my answers that have been answered during the last 2 days listening to our prophets and seers. Last night during Priesthood session, us girls made bunny cakes. Growing up my mom always made bunny cakes during Easter and I am so grateful she has shared the tradition with us girls.

Billy and I are still both going to school and working Full-Time. I got a new promotion at work so I am a little overwhelmed learning but am grateful for the opportunity of advancement.


Tami said...

Yay! I'm so excited you got a promotion! You deserve it. Also, that pic of Billy wearing your extension made me laugh. I miss you guys!

Miken said...

promotions are always good. i'm happy for you!

and i'm going to need one of those bunny cakes...